South American Blend Coffee

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Signature medium-dark roast. Brave and fierce like the mountain lions of South America.


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South American Blend Coffee Notes:

Fruity, chocolaty aroma with elements of caramel and berries. You will find dark chocolate notes and medium malic acidity in the cup. The sweet, well-rounded aftertaste that lasts. This blend will work great as a milk-based drink or as an espresso.

Discovering the distinctive flavours of Aura Bean's South American Blend Coffee.

We begin our day in a welcoming coffee shop where the scent of freshly made coffee fills the air. Aura Bean Roastery's South American blend coffee is the newest addition to their menu, and barista Johnny cordially welcomes us to taste it. This blend, according to Johnny, is created from the best beans harvested in South America's hilly areas and promises to be a genuinely exceptional coffee experience.

Johnny, a master of the craft, makes our coffee by freshly grinding the beans and pour-over brewing them. Johnny explains more about the mix as the coffee pours into the cup through the Chemex.
Johnny: "This coffee is a secret 3 bean blend. Each bean contributes a distinct flavour character to the mix, creating a nuanced and well-balanced cup of coffee. It's ideal for coffee enthusiasts who value the subtle differences in tastes in their brew."

We take a drink of the coffee that Johnny offers us. The scent is the first thing that catches our attention. It is robust, with undertones of dark chocolate and caramel. The flavour is similarly outstanding; it is a well-rounded, silky coffee with hints of citrus and dark cherries. We appreciate the taste as we take another drink.

Johnny gives some fascinating information about Aura Bean Roastery as we continue to sip our coffee. They obtain their coffee beans directly from South American growers to guarantee the finest quality and freshest beans.

We at Aura Bean Roastery think that coffee is more than just a beverage, says Johnny. Because it's a cultural experience, we wish to uphold the South American coffee customs.
We feel rejuvenated and revitalized after finishing the coffee. The Aura Bean Roastery's South American blend has undoubtedly delivered on its promise of being a distinctive and intricate cup of coffee.

We can't help but reflect on the path the coffee beans have taken to get to our cups as we bid Johnny farewell and depart the café. It's truly a labour of love that goes into every cup of coffee, from the South American mountainous regions to the hands of the skilled farmers who grew and harvested the beans, to the roasters at Aura Bean who carefully blended and roasted them, to the barista who brewed the coffee with care and skill.

A Signature Blend.

Our South American blend coffee is distinctive for a variety of reasons, including its adaptability. You may drink the coffee in a variety of ways, from a straightforward black coffee to a more sophisticated Flat White or Cortado. For those who value the subtle differences between various coffee kinds, its rich tastes make it the perfect coffee.

The coffee is a fantastic alternative for anybody searching for ethical and environmentally friendly coffee. The greatest quality coffee and just compensation for the farmers' labour are guaranteed by our dedication to working directly with growers. Every cup of coffee they create reflects their dedication to sustainability and moral behaviour.

Aura Bean's South American blend coffee is not only a superb beverage but also a fascinating cultural experience. Every cup of coffee is a celebration of this rich cultural legacy and a reflection of the history and customs of South American coffee manufacturing.

Overall, drinking our South American blend coffee is a rich and distinctive experience that has several advantages. This mix is certainly worth trying, whether you're a coffee enthusiast or just seeking a fantastic cup of coffee. We have produced a coffee that is unique because of its carefully chosen beans, professional roasting, and brewing, dedication to sustainability, and ethical business methods.


In recent years, sustainability has gained significant importance in the coffee sector. Millions of farmers worldwide depend on coffee production for a living, making it one of the major agricultural commodities in the world. Yet, the environment and nearby populations can be significantly impacted by the production of coffee. To ensure a stable and secure future for coffee producers and the industry as a whole, it is crucial to safeguard the sustainability of coffee production.

The ability to fulfill existing requirements without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their own needs might be characterized as sustainability in the coffee business. As a result, coffee production must be both socially and ecologically responsible, as well as commercially successful. A comprehensive strategy that takes into account the whole coffee supply chain, from the farm to the consumer, is necessary to achieve these three pillars of sustainability.

Economically speaking, sustainability in the coffee sector requires that growers be paid fairly for their harvests. As a result, they may increase their farm investments and enhance their standard of living. In order to boost productivity and improve agricultural techniques, farmers must get help and training to produce coffee sustainably.

For the coffee business to be socially sustainable, local communities must gain from the production of coffee. This may be done by assisting small-scale farmers, ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare and education, and advancing gender equality. Also, the coffee business must guarantee that employees get fair treatment and that their rights are upheld.

Lastly, environmentally friendly coffee manufacturing is required by the coffee business to maintain environmental sustainability. This entails lowering the use of pesticides and fertilizers, preserving water supplies, preserving biodiversity, and encouraging agricultural methods that are climate-friendly. Promoting agroforestry, which includes growing coffee in harmony with other plants and trees to preserve soil health and lessen the environmental effects of coffee production, is another way to support sustainable coffee production.

To verify that coffee manufacturing complies with certain environmental and social criteria, several coffee firms have developed certification systems. For instance, the coffee industry largely accepts the Rainforest Alliance and Fair-Trade certifications as signs of sustainability. In conclusion, the coffee business must take action to guarantee that coffee production is financially viable, socially responsible, and ecologically sustainable. Sustainability is a significant problem in the sector. Together, coffee producers, roasters, and consumers can ensure that coffee production has a more sustainable future and that it continues to be a crucial agricultural product for future generations.

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7 reviews for South American Blend Coffee

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  1. Delicious blend, husband and friends find it excellent. Service is fast and friendly.

  2. When they say roast-on-order they mean you will not get any fresher coffee on this earth. My mind was blown away by this coffee. I kept smelling a whiff of it as I was driving home. I have not smelt something so enticing and delicious before. A truly delicious clean cup of coffee with medium body and fruity notes.

  3. I got a 450g of this coffee as a present, can I just say it really is WOW!!!

  4. Excellent, friendly, and fast service from Lambert. Aura Bean South American Blend is our favorite coffee bean blend. Aura Bean beans are fresh and “potent”. I will recommend Aurabean specifically because the taste, and quality are super consistent, and this is important to us.

  5. Nothing beats Aura Bean and especially the amazing South American blend that the team at Aura Bean Coffee makes up and delivers to me!
    It’s an incredible start to my day and a relaxing end to my return home every day.
    If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out greatly!
    You don’t know enjoyment until you’ve tried Aura Bean and found the right blend that only their team can make up for you.
    Thank you Aura Bean.

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