DiFluid R2 Extract Coffee Refractometer

At its most basic, the method of making coffee is quite straightforward: ground coffee is combined with water (in any form or manner), and this causes the water to “gain” part of the flavor of the coffee. More precisely, the water extracts the flavor from the coffee by dissolving the solid coffee in it. To help you understand why your coffee tastes the way it does, this extraction is represented as a percentage, or the percentage of the solution that is made up of dissolved coffee. The R2 Extract Refractometer from DiFluid is an intriguing new addition to the tool category. In the world of coffee, a refractometer is the only way to obtain that measurement.

Actually, what is a refractometer?


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DiFluid R2 Extract Coffee Refractometer

In reality, a refractometer measures the angle at which light passes through a liquid sample that is placed on a sensor. The light bends, and the angle varies with the amount of dissolved solubles (coffee in this case) in the liquid. The refractometer compares the new "bent" angle of light traveling through the water-coffee solution with what it would "expect" the angle to be if light were passing through water alone in the case of coffee, where water serves as the base solvent (this is known as the "refractive index" of water). The concentration of dissolved coffee is then converted to a percentage, which represents the extraction level of the coffee. As a point of comparison, the coffee concentration in filter coffee is typically 1.3–1.5%, and an espresso shot will come in between 7% and 9%. By being aware of these values, you may precisely repeat or modify them in order to locate and duplicate the ideal cup.

If you're reading this, you probably already know this story—or at least a variation of it—and you're probably not just a curious home brewer, but rather some sort of coffee expert. But what's really intriguing about the DiFluid R2 Extract is that, given its affordability and simplicity of use, we can easily see it becoming a hobbyist barista's go-to equipment. Of course, those who enjoy specialty coffee will probably be interested in refractometers on the kitchen shelf, just like they are in bean roasting at home fairly far down the rabbit hole, but the main idea is that you can now improve the precision of your extractions without needing to be an expert.

DiFluid's second refractometer to hit the market, the R2 Extract, has a number of appealing characteristics. It has a sizable color display with high quality and several testing options, so you can quickly and easily find out exactly what's in your coffee. Thanks to a micro-calibration layer and two temperature sensors that adjust for outside variables like temperature variations or undissolved coffee particles, the R2 is extremely accurate. Together with the precisely calibrated 2D CMOS imaging sensor, which reduces the possibility of misalignment and gathers more data than DiFluid's earlier R1 model, this also operates without a cap, in contrast to other refractometers.

In addition, the DiFluid R2 sensor has a hydrophobic coating that keeps liquids from adhering to it, eliminating the need for direct contact and adding another layer of protection against scratches, therefore prolonging the life of the R2 Extract. Additionally, the entire thing is IP67 water resistant, so to clean it, simply run a tap over it and then wipe it dry. Really, usability is everything.

When used in conjunction with DiFluid's Microbalance scale and companion software, Café Connect, the R2 Extract simplifies and expedites the process of analyzing the data from your coffee, providing you with accurate findings with each cup. You don't even need to be an expert coffee scientist to operate it.

Incredible Precision - Our most precise refractometer yet, at ±0.02%.

Color Display - Capable of displaying more data for more testing options.

Aluminum Sample Dish - 675% better temperature conductivity for an incredibly stable measurement.

IP67 Water Resistant - Test, rinse, and repeat. Just that easy.

Microcalibration - Advanced temperature compensation via a special Microcalibration layer.


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