DiFluid Microbalance Scale

DiFluid, the business that created this scale, is the industry leader in data tracking and analysis related to coffee brewing (such as extraction). The Microbalance scale boasts all the features you would anticipate from a high-end brewing scale, including a flow rate meter that allows you to check how precise your pour is as you go and an easy-to-read digital display with a built-in timer and 0.1-gram precision. Instead of running the risk of forgetting to start it manually, the timer starts automatically as soon as you start pouring.


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DiFluid Microbalance Scale

Once you activate the Bluetooth feature on the Microbalance and connect your phone to DiFluid's companion software, Café Connect, things become a little fancier. All of the previously described data will be visible to you there. Even if you take a minute to step away, you can also view it graphed in real-time. Whether you're an avid home brewer or an impeccable professional barista, the Microbalance's degree of detail (plus DiFluid's refractometer if you're truly serious about your data) is likely to improve your coffee.

Stable Precision - 0.1-gram resolution with super stable precision because every last bean counts.

Auto-Detect Timing - You start pouring, it starts timing. No more forgetting to start the timer!

Flow Rate Display - Stable flow rate display helps maintain even extraction with every brew.

DiFluid Café Connect - Graph your data in real-time with the companion app.

OTA Updates - Microbalance's advanced algorithms are constantly being upgraded and can be installed via DiFluid Café.


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